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~Tools and Adhesives~
Round Nose Pliers: $7.50
Mini Crimpers: $11.00
Flush Cutters: $7.50
Flat Nose Pliers: $7.50

Mini Bead Board With Cover: $6.00
Pony Beading Needles Size Twelve: $2.50
Pony Beading Needles Size Eleven: $2.50
Pony Beading Needles Size Ten: $2.50
Beadsmith Big Eye Beading Needles: $2.25
Beadsmith Beading Needles Size Thirteen: $2.25
Bead Reamer with Handle: $8.50
Bead Reamer: $5.60
Beadalon Beadfix Thirty Minute Epoxy: $3.50
Devcon Five Minute Epoxy: $5.75
GS Hypo Cement: $5.75
E6000 Glue 0.18 Fluid Ounces: $2.65
Metal Bead Trays: $0.40
Three Slot Bamboo Bead Tray: $2.75
Two Slot Bamboo Bead Tray: $2.00
This is just a small sample of my beads and findings. I also have a nice assortment of wire, stringing supplies, watch faces and many other items. Please stop in and visit to find unique items that you're looking for.
Xuron Tool Kit: $85.00
Wire Looping Pliers: $15.00
Xuron Flat Nose Pliers: $22.00
Xuron Round Nose Pliers: $22.00
Xuron Bent Nose Pliers: $24.00
Xuron Maxi Shears: $24.00